Bodybuilders and professional athletes can be often seen resorting to anabolic steroids or sports supplements for improving their sporting and physical results. A testosterone booster is one such supplement that could assist athletes build improved muscle strength and mass. For example, boosters like DHEA, tribulus terrestris, and ZMA (a mineral compound) could help the human body make larger amounts of this male hormone called testosterone. Remember, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate testosterone boosters, which means there is no official confirmation on whether specific populations such as adolescents and women would find these boosters perfectly suitable.

Muscle Increase

When used in tandem with resistance training regimens, a booster can help speed up the muscle gain process. While training, muscles undergo very minor tears that regain their original structure and form during rest periods. Enhanced testosterone increases the speed at which the muscles get rebuilt, letting the athletes put in more effort in the gym sans any amount of overtraining. But, there is no evidence confirming that a testosterone boosting supplement can help increase the levels of testosterone high enough for increasing muscle gain or lending anything at all to the muscles in general.

Enhanced Motivation

There are no empirical tests indicating boosters can help increase motivation and aggressiveness during workouts. However, there are several anecdotal reports claiming this to be the truth. When there’s increased motivation for an athlete to train harder, the progress that the athlete may experience could be faster. But, the role of testosterone in how aggressive athletes or bodybuilders could get can be exaggerated. In fact, those people who’ve been reporting increased aggression could be victims of a placebo effect.

Better Sexual Performance

A testosterone booster, such as tribulus terrestris (a herb), could have a role to play as a natural fertility and impotence remedy. Higher levels of testosterone are known for improving sexual arousal, particularly in post-menopausal women and older men. Supplements for boosting testosterone levels naturally supposedly signal the body to make more of the testosterone by itself, which could augment fertility and sexual arousal at the same time. If you’re considering a testosterone boosting supplement for your impotence or fertility issues, let your doctor be in the know. You probably may have some underlying medical conditions that may not only interfere with the functioning of the booster but the testosterone supplement could worsen the existing medical condition. Moreover, a testosterone booster is not supposed to replace your prescription medications.